Ski Touring Fan Frynych

We were supposed to be leaving for the alps on Boxing Day but a problem with the camper van made us think that we would stay in Wales for a little longer and then head to Scotland with family for New Year. After all the Alps were experiencing a poor snow season and we were having too much fun in Wales!

The next trip to get over the disappointment would see us following the Beacons way from the layby opposite Storey arms over to Craig Cerrig Gleisiad and then onto Fan Frynych to ski off down to near Pen Rhos where K's brother and wife would pick us up and return us to the start for the car!

The weather was not as good as Christmas Eve with a dark sky and strong wind blowing in our faces! This felt like a proper day out where good kit and navigation was essential. On skis it was easy to head on a bearing and make good time across the varied terrain. The view appeared every now and then giving us some hope that the weather would lift! (It didn't!). We soon reached Craig Cerrig Gleisiad which were a nasty set of crags only to be avoided in weather and conditions like these!
Craig Cerrig Gleisiad in the background 

We soon left the crags and headed for the summit of Fan Frynych. The view down towards Brecon was awesome and the descent looked like it was going to be great fun! We first had a hot chocolate and put on the Rab's to try and stop the cold taking more of a hold on us!! It certainly felt like the depths of winter!
Battling the wind

H on the summit of Fan Frynch

Hot Choc time

The descent was on a wide path that had deep drifting snow in it! It was powder all the way down! We soon reached a land rover track which again was filled with drifting snow creating a great off piste ski! It was a little sketchy with the flat light! The light soon began to fade as we hit the forest road at the bottom. From here it was a straight line dash to the A470 where Neil and Yvonne had been waiting getting a little worried about where we were! Yet another great trip on the skis, next stop was the Scottish mountains and Glenshee.

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