Loch Bracadale

From the Summer Isles we were to stop off at Applecross and chill out for a couple of days whilst the weather turned back to the light winds we had been enjoying. A paddle to the Crowlin Islands was good but tough into a headwind. Nothing a good couple of nights in the Applecross Inn would not fix! Neil caught up with old friends and I had the pleasure and responsibility of removing a tick from H's leg! After two days we headed to the Isle of Skye and Loch Bracadale.

We launched at Camas Ban, Harlosh and the weather was not to disappoint! Excitement was building as we unloaded the boats and looked out into a spectacular view down Loch Bracadale.
We headed off exploring every nook and cranny along the way towards Harlosh Point. On the way we could hear a blow hole and it did not take us long before we found what was making all the noise!
We passed Harlosh Island which had been earmarked as a great brew stop on the way back. The plan was to circumnavigate Wiay Island. A2km crossing took us across to Camas na Cille where we landed for our first brew stop.
Crossing to Wiay Island
Extensive Cliffs

First Brew Stop
There have been no inhabitants on Wiay Island since 1890. On exploration we found the old ruins of houses. The view was stunning but there was still lots to see. We packed up and floated the boats out through seaweed and rocks that had been exposed by the out going tide.
The sea cliffs were spectacular and there was little swell to stop exploration. Neil and Jim stayed close to the coast ensuring that they made the most of every opportunity to explore. It wasn't long before we had rounded the South West side of Wiay into Geodha nan Faochag.

There are numerous inlets and caves to explore. There is a cave that is 59m big and they say it will house a family of giants! It is extremely dark and noisy! Neil and Jim dared to go in deep whilst in a double we backed in slowly to ensure we made a quick escape if needed!

Watching from a
We continued to explore the Island and head for Tarner Island. Along the way we encountered a natural sea arch and a few more caves. The scenery was spectacular and the camera did not get a rest!

A Natural Sea Arch
We decided to paddle the west side of Tarner Island and back across to Harlosh Island for a brew. The towering cliffs were changing constantly. All of a sudden we could hear splashing in the water, it turned out to be a shoal of fish. Heading back to Harlosh Island the light was fantastic showing off the golden white sand.

It was time to get the kettle on and enjoy the final brew stop of the trip. The beach that we landed on was awesome with bright white sand and a great bay in which to land. Evening was approaching and a campsite on Loch Dunvegan was calling. We packed up and headed back to the kayaks. Neil thought that it would be funny to put a sea urchin shell on my seat! I was not amused!

The Loch did not have a ripple on it and the paddle back was very tranquil. We rounded Harlosh Point and headed back to Camas Ban. The paddle was one of the best we had done with spectacular scenery every single paddle stroke of the trip!
Neil and Jim heading into Camas Ban

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