Loch Maree Sea Kayak

Easter is the traditional sea kayaking time of year for the family. The vans were loaded and first stop was Kinlochewe and Loch Maree. We stayed in the Kinlochewe caravan club site which was a good place surrounded by Torridonian mountains and tranquility! Neil and Jim stayed in the Kinlochewe Hotel which was great and has fantastic food and a warm welcome. After recovering from the journey it was time to plan the next 6 days. A trip that would combine views, paddling and good company!
Kinlochewe caravan club site
We decided on Loch Maree as a warm up for the trip. The scenery was supposed to be stunning with many islands to explore. The weather was set to get better so we would venture seaward after the initial paddle on Loch Maree.

The Loch itself is about 12 miles long and is a special area of conservation due to the different species of birds, namely the black throated diver. We decided to launch just north of the Loch Maree hotel. It was a great spot to start with a fantastic view down the Loch. We headed North before making our way between the islands.

The islands are littered with Scots pines. We paddled for hours between the islands avoiding the main one in the centre on the request of the rangers. We decided to stop for a cuppa and found a lovely sheltered beach from the ever present wind. Neil had invested in a jet boil so it was time to pitch it against the trusty pocket rocket. As the water had not been measured the competition was not exactly fair! However the pocket rocket came through as the winner!

After a little exploration we decided to launch again and make our way South. The Loch is overlooked by Slioch that sits at 981m. The paddle was easy going and there was plenty to keep your mind occupied. We were heading for the burial island that was signposted on the map. Neil believed that he could pick the island out because of his sixth sense. This provided many hours of discussion afterwards when he was proven right. The sceptics however were not convinced!!
Neil and Jim exploring
Over shadowed by Slioch
Different colour trees on the burial island
It was soon time for another brew stop and a further look at the map. We had been out for a few hours and it was soon time to make our way back across to the car. The wind was still howling so it was going to be an interesting paddle back.

Last brew stop
Once back on shore neil decided to get the slackline out. It provided many hours of fun even though it highlighted serious flaws in dynamic balance for some people!! After a great days paddle it was time to pack up and head back to the hotel/ campsite. The maps were out and it was off to the Summer Isles for the next part of the trip.

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