Ski Touring Fan Fawr

It was Christmas Eve and also K's birthday and the weather was fantastic. The plan was to drive from Bridgend early morning and skin to the top of Fan Fawr and ski off! Jim decided to join the adventure but would be walking on foot and snowboarding off! We arrived in the layby opposite Storey Arms and first of all made for the tea van. It was positively freezing in the valley out of the sun and it was Rab time in the car park! After a good welsh cuppa to warm us up it was time to ascend!

The view was clear all the way around. We decided to take a route around Bryn Du and avoid what looked like a very steep face on Fan Fawr. The walk was interesting with little burns and ditches to negotiate. The view across to Pen Y Fan was fantastic and happy memories of our recent ski came flooding back.

The terrain was very varied until we rounded the North face. It soon became hard going and the kick turns on the steep icy slope was enough to get the adrenalin running a little. It was also a source of entertainment for me who sadistically enjoyed watching H panic every time a turn was needed! 

On this section an RAF sea king helicopter was attending to something on Pen Y Fan which made interesting viewing but we were also wishing that there was nothing too serious happening. 
RAF Sea King over Pen Y Fan

It wasn't long before the top was in sight and the view began to take on a snowy panoramic of South Wales's best! We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were in the Brecon Beacons which at the time rivalled any alpine view we had had the pleasure of seeing! Why?.... because this was home!! When on top we took time to admire the view and it was time to reach the trig point for a well earned hot chocolate. 
Summit Stride
Off to the trig point
Summit Pic
After the hot chocolate and a rendition of happy birthday it was time to take off the skins and put on the helmets for what can only be described as an interesting descent! We decided to traverse the mountain as sending Jim off anything steeper would have been irresponsible but I am sure entertaining! However traverse it was and this gave time to admire the amazing view that was before us! 

Once back at the car we were not quite finished for the day. To keep up the daily practice Jim wanted to go to the slopes of Pen y Fan and finish with a few short runs. With the winter days short, time was running out but we managed to finish the day with a few runs making use of the fantastic weather and conditions. 

Yet another fantastic day ski touring in the Brecon Beacons and on Christmas Eve of all days! 

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