Summer Holiday 2009

Via Ferrata Murren

The sun was shining and it was a great day to check out the new via ferrata at car free Murren. This was just a short cable car and train ride away from the campsite. The only problem was this was the same cable car as the Schilthorn which was an extremely popular tourist attraction. We quickly worked out that the people in the hour long queue were not going to scare themselves on the Via Ferrata! Apart from the rude Germans pushing in the queue and nearly starting a fight it was a pleasant wait in the sun!

After a well earned 'fitness platter' at a local restaurant we were ready to tackle the traverse!
The start was around the side of a tennis centre and gradually got you into the adventure!!

Views of the Eiger and the surrounding majestic mountains was second to none and kept your mind off the infamous bridge that was waiting at the end of the climb!

The via ferrata had everything from your wire bridges to long ladder pitches. It wasn't until we got to the first real stemple pitch that we realised we were hanging off the side of a massive cliff saved only by sure footing and a wire!

The via ferrata had surprises around every corner with waterfalls adding to the excitement. It was a challenge to keep the camera still when finding yourself in some compromising positions!

We then came to the end finale! The bridge that the lady in the campsite had warned us about! Having experienced via ferratas in the Dolomite's we were confident that no bridge would un nerve us! We were so wrong !.... H went first and found out that not only was the bridge long, high and unstable, it was also lacking in hand rails!! H was across first and finished with a smug grin realising that she could watch as I tentatively creeped along the bridge. The cable car down the valley runs very close to the bridge and it soon became clear that the tourists would have an entertaining view of anxious adventurers trying to cross this bridge!! In the middle I could not resist the opportunity of filming my precarious position! The result can be found on our flickr page! It was well worth the white knuckle experience!

A well earned coke in a wasp infested Gimmelwald was gratefully received! A bus back down the valley gave us time to reflect on the via ferrata that the lonely planet guide refers to as 'Switzerland's vertigo inducing klettersteig, sure to get the adrenalin pumping!!' We would certainly agree with this description !!

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