Summer Holiday 2009

Travel Day

It was time to pack up the motorhome and make our way around the Bernese Oberland heading for Zermatt but stopping at Fiesch to check out the Aletsch glacier from a different angle first. Not wanting to waste a second of the holiday we decided to take in some of the tourist attractions along the way!

Glacial melt has carved its way through the rock to create a spectacular series of falls and tunnels. The power of the water was deafening and mesmerising

We worked our way from the top to the bottom always in awe of the power of each fall. This was certainly worth a visit to experience first hand the power of nature!

At the end the waterfalls the water quietly flows off towards Lauterbrunnen and beyond.

The Sherlock Holmes Experience
The weather was looking gloomy and wet but this did not deter us from our water fall experience! We decided to stop off at the Reichenbach falls which were famous for the death of Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle has certainly made an impact here and it is easy to see why!

We took the little cog railway up to the base of the falls, excited about the chosen way down! For an extra bit of money we could hire Trotti bikes to bomb back down the mountain!

We climbed our way to the top of the falls only to be greeted by cloud and a somewhat disrupted view! This just meant that we got to the bikes quicker!! Soon we were hanging on to the handlebars of a trotti bike zooming down the mountain !

We finished 500m from the car park in a thunderstorm! I learnt a very big lesson that day, never to wear cream trousers in the wet and never listen to H about whether we would need waterproof bottoms !! The soup and tea in the motorhome soon warmed us up and the laughter continued to the next set of falls and beyond!

Aareschlucht Gorge
This was not far from the Reichenbachfalle and was ideal for a wet weather walk. We walked through a series of tunnels carved specially to give a vantage point in the gorge.

We were greeted by waterfalls and a fast moving river that pushed its way with force through a spectacular gorge!

The walk took you through the gorge and back again making a very pleasant afternoon stroll !

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