Summer Holidays 2009

The Eggishorn Via Ferrata

Before we left Fiesch we decided that we had to experience the Eggishorn via ferrata. Having had so much fun at Murren it was another ideal opportunity to get the addrenalin running. Taking the cable car up felt sensible after the 1000m climb the day before but less rewarding ! Once the cloud cleared the view from the top of the station was stunning.

The start of the via ferrata was not far from the station. The walk to the start gave you more time to take in the incredible view that followed you ! With kit on it was time to step out into the unknown!

The via ferrata took you around the side of the mountain that overlooked Fiescheralp. The weather was not the best but added drama to the photos!
The first section was a series of metal gangways followed by a section that can only be described as a set a B&Q ladders suspended on a cliff!
B&Q Ladders!

The next section took you over a wire suspension bidge. The bridge itself was fine it was getting off the other end onto a vertical slightly overhanging cliff section that worried you more! Taking it in turns to pose for pictures we were soon half way through the climb.

The last section took you vertical up towards the cable car station, being so close allowed tourists to smile and wave across at you whilst you were trying to look cool, calm and collective whilst climbing a vertical set of ladders!                                                      

The last section gave a fantastic view over glaciers and snow capped Alps. A visit to the visitors book ontop of a pinnacle was called for. After leaving the traditional Welsh message it was time to scale the last section of rock to the cable car station.

The via ferrata was certainly worth the effort. It was not technical and the views yet again were mind blowing!


  1. Great photos. We are planning to go to Eggishorn this August. Wandering if the via ferrata is suitable for kids age 9 to 11. Also, could we borrow the necessary equipment rather than buying or pehaps we could enrol into a climbing package. Thank you

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. If kids have done a bit of via Ferrata before then they should be fine! Not really technical or that exposed. Not sure about hiring kit although usually there are local shops that do this. Have fun I an sure you will certainly be inspired by the scenery !