Summer Holiday 2009

Mountain Biking Aletsch Glacier

We stayed on a campsite in Fiesch, the campsite was on the out skirts of the town and had excellent facilities.

The ride would start with a 1000m climb to Fiescheralp. With the sun burning our backs this was a testing start to the ride!

Fiescheralp was a quaint little Swiss mountain village typified by the wandering cows. A well earned drink in the village was certainly on the cards after that climb!
The ride traversed the mountain heading for a tunnel that would take us through to the Aletsch glacier. The riding was straightforward on trails that allowed you to enjoy the stunning vista all around.

The tunnel was 1 km long and with strip lights on the wall. Although lit it was still very interesting riding through trying to avoid the big pot holes!
Out the other side the view of the glacier started to show itself. We found ourselves in a valley surrounded by big mountains! To accommodate the weary walkers there was a restaurant which was surprisingly busy!

A trail led to the glacier itself and gave a fantastic view up to the Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger. The sea of ice was mesmerising. It was a view that you didn't want to leave!

We re- traced our steps back to the restaurant. The riding from this point became very technical. It was a basic mountain path that took you on the outer part of the mountain that the tunnel had taken you through earlier. The view was littered with glaciers and green alps.

A few sections had to be walked as it was not the time or place to be stupid or brave! Too many photo opportunities slowed the pace but it was so worth it!
As we looped back toward Fiescheralp we had two options for descent. The first was graded as black and took the line of the steepest part of the valley and the second was graded a red and had a mixture of piste and walking trails to offer.
Having spent just over 7 hours on the bike we decided to take the red option. We were so glad we did. The descent was one of the best we had ever ridden. It was technical, fast and great fun!

The final leg was a couple of km back through Fiesch to the campsite. We had had a great day with fantastic riding and the views to go with it! The campsite chips were well earned after this ride!!

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