Sea Kayaking Loch Moidart

The weather was making the sea rough off the mainland so we decided to head south from Arisaig and check out the North and South channel of Loch Moidart. We parked in a large layby just past Kylesbeg. The scenery along this road is stunning offering glimpses of hidden bays and secluded beaches. The put in was interesting with large slippery rocks and a decent down a bank.

We left Mum and Harry and paddled across to the South Channel where we would find Castle Tioram. The initial scenery reminded me of an area of Canada that I visited.

The paddle was sheltered and offered many small islands to explore. It was not long before we could see the castle. After a short narrow section the Loch opened up and it was easy to see why the castle had been placed where it had

Once passed the castle we headed out to sea passing yet more small islands and being greeted with a fantastic view of the Sgurr of Eigg.
It was not long before we could see the conditions that would face us when rounding the mainland to the South Channel. Waves began to roll into the mouth of the South Channel and the camera quickly went away and the hatches were battened down! It was not long before the disco leg was setting in and the sea was showing why you should always have the utmost respect for it! The water was messy and powerful and one point H in the front of the 22 ft sea kayak was being carried by one wave whilst I was being taken by another wave! All my whitewater experience was being put to the test as well as my nerve! In front was a wall of whitewater crashing on the rocks with a gap between two islands offering the route. With grit and determination we steered the kayak through the middle being surrounded by crashing waves! With sea kayak Jim following behind it was not long before we found sanctuary in the North Channel. At this point relief turned to laughter! We had made it and as my Grandma would always say it was time for a cup of tea to calm the nerves!!
Jim being followed

As we paddled down the North Channel we were greeted with a perfect beach on which to land. Resisting the temptation to kiss the sand thanking God were safe we set up the pocket rocket for a brew. The golden sand offered a welcome break after our exciting paddle. 

The great thing about landing on islands is you get to explore and see what you otherwise would not see from the land. It was soon time to leave and find our way back down the North channel to Mum and Harry.

The paddle back was easy and a welcomed relief. We crossed a ford before recognising the start of our outward journey. This was certainly a trip to remember for its beautiful scenery and wild headland paddle! We will certainly be back!

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