Blotting Raise Ski Tour

After a good base of snow through the Christmas holidays it was a great surprise to return from skiing in the alps to skiing from the door. The aim was to wow the villagers by skiing off Blotting Raise to the door in Croglin. The day could not be more perfect! The walk up was glorious with spectacular views over the Lake District.

We had tested the route out with the local game keeper Craig who nicely showed us the most exciting way down! Half way up the climb we took a break to consume a bar and admire the view.

As we were carrying skis, boots and helmets we were under quite a load in deep snow. It was a welcome relief when Craig had decided to visit the top of Croglin fell and offered us a lift !!

This is what they use in Norway with the army. It was a comfortable and exciting ride in the back! A great way to admire the spectacular view over the Lake District.

The cool machine dropped us off at the junction that leads to Croglin fell and Blotting Raise. We walked along the fell road west to the summit. Normally there is a little tarn at the top but the base of snow made it feel like a completely different place. It was time for lunch.

This was a special moment as you do not get many days like this! We are lucky to live where we do and on days like this it reinforces this belief. After a hot chocolate and lunch we were ready to ski home!

The ski off the top was easy going skiing over walls and gates, a very surreal experience on the pennines! The first part of the descent is quite flat along a plateau. It soon starts to descend towards the village crossing snow fields and powder bowls.

The snow was soft powder on a hard base. This made it an entertaining ski ! It was not long before we were at the bridleway coming from Newbiggin. Not wanting the fun to end a gate was scaled and another field of powder was ours. Flying past the local farmer trying to dig his land rover out of the snow was entertaining to say the least! Skiing past the game keepers house and down the road to Croglin village was a great end to a great trip. Roll on winter 2011.

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