Blencathra On Skis

It was a stunning day in Cumbria with continued freezing temperatures. This is the River Eden at Lazonby frozen! An early start and a hairy scary drive to the Blencathra centre was worth it to experience Blencathra on Skis!

The walk up from the Blencathra Centre was steep at first but the view took your mind off the slog with a heavy pack!

From the car park we met up with Malc who had the same idea to ski off Blencathra. It was ironic that we had been looking at Malc's photos the night before on Flickr having never met!! Onward and upward it took quite a while having to stop to take numerous photographs!!

The route not very busy considering the stunning day that we were experiencing! Although there were skiers and snowboarders getting ready to descend off the top when we arrived.

Lunch at the top was eaten with a great view but a little drift to add to the cheese sandwich! It was soon time to load the skis and brave the wind slab off the top. 

We decided to take a route off the West side of the mountain towards Skiddaw House. Everyone being very excited to be stood ontop of Blencathra with skis on.

The ski off was easy traversing the summit and making our way steadily across the plateau. Being new to ski touring it was not time to push it !

It was not long before Skiddaw House came into view. The skiing was fun and the surroundings spectacular!!

Always after a great day you get a great sunset. It was time to put the boots back on and walk out under a gorgeous sunset back to the Blencathra centre. The scary drive back to Threlkeld was worth it to have witnessed a great day on Blencathra!

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