Learning to Fly a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus

There are some advantages to having a birthday around Christmas! It means you can justify a big present! Well that's my excuse anyway for wanting a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus! It arrived the day before so the first flight was a birthday flight!
In all my excitement I had read and watched every video and blog I could find on flying the Phantom but that still did not calm the nerves on the first few flights! Up to the local football pitch we went for its maiden flight. Pre- flight check done we were ready to go!

In the box you get a pilots practice guide so I completed some of the tasks that it suggested and I was surprised at how easy it was to fly! Then came the landing which could have been disastrous if the grass hadn't been so soft! It tipped over! No damage this time but I didn't want to chance it so every landing now the Phantom is caught!

A successful maiden flight and some confidence gained but more than anything relief that we were all still in one piece! It had been every bit exciting as I thought and I was just thinking of the next flight! We were off to the Alps Christmas night so I had a feeling it could be a French second flight!! And it was!

At minus 3 we were a little worried that it was too cold as well as landing in a metre snow drift! However we thought just be sensible! We launched off a crate and with a catch landing it was all good!  The video compares the footage from the Alps and then when we returned home to the Eden Valley. Both equally stunning in their own way!

The last weekend of the holidays we decided to try and take some biking on the local fells with some friends! Unfortunately the wind picked up and we got minimal footage but it was good enough and with every flight comes more confidence!

I have no doubt that we will have great fun with this cool bit of kit as we embark on our mini adventures!

A few more videos since the initial post

When the snow came to the Eden Valley

A test flight in the Brecon Beacons

William Howard School Snowy Bike Park

Test Flight Geltsdale

More snow in the Eden Valley

A Trip to Wenlockhead

Eden Valley Sunrise   

A mountain bike mini adventure Askham Fell 

Haystacks Walk

Scotland at Easter
A Day in the Lakes

A Spring Sunday at Lowther Castle
Ullswater Summer Swim

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