Blencathra & The Aurora Borealis

It was 7.30pm on a Friday night and it had been a long week! The wee man was in his pyjamas ready for bed when we started discussing the possibility of a mini adventure to try and see the Northern Lights which were active over the UK that night!! We asked the wee man if he fancied walking Blencathra and camping under the stars! Before he answered he had picked up his torch and was starting to undress! We were off!

We started walking at 9pm after quickly packing the bare essentials for a wild camp on the summit of Blencathra! It was all very exciting as we ascended Mousethwaite combe trying not to disturb the wildlife as we walked! The weather was very cloudy in the valley but it was forecast to break around 11pm.

The wee man was making an awesome effort leading us up the dark slopes of Blencathra. The moon started to appear along with the stars and spirits started to soar as we topped out just before 11!

As the tent was pitched the wee man enjoyed a bit of star gazing cwtched inside his sleeping bag!

It didn't take long before the wee man was dreaming inside the tent and the kettle was on while we awaited for the sky to come alive! We didn't have to wait long!

Having never seen the Aurora before we were very excited! In amongst this the sea king was doing mountain rescue training giving us something else to watch and gasp at as it dived off the summit! The moon was spectacularly bouncing off the cloud in the valley and as the lakes slept we stood in awe!

The sky soon started to sleep and it was time we did too! 1am on the top of Blencathra having witnessed the Aurora for the first time was one of life's moments for us! It was time to try and get some sleep with a 4 year old who wriggles for fun in his sleep!

Dawn was breaking on the summit of Blencathtra and despite the cloud the view did not disappoint! Kettle on and the summit to ourselves (apart from one other wild camper) this was a great way to start a Saturday!

We were all dreaming of a hearty breakfast so we reluctantly packed up and left the summit.

We soon reached the car and headed for a little chef breakfast to excitedly discuss the nights adventure! We will certainly be doing that again! 

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