Torridon Trails and Lochs

 Exploring Loch Torridon 

For the May bank holiday we took a trip to Shieldaig with the sea kayak and bikes hoping to sample more of what the area has to offer. There is a campsite in Shieldaig that has a honesty box. There is running water and you use the public toilets in the village and the view is priceless!

 The plan was to have a lazy morning with a good breakfast and then get on and paddle into Upper Loch Torridon.

The weather was mixed with the wind picking up throughout the afternoon. Once out of the shelter of Shieldaig Island the views of the Torridonian giants soon become visible.

There is quite a narrow gap into Upper Loch Torridon but even in quite a strong wind it proved no difficulty going in or back out. Passing a huge fish farm we made our way towards Torridon but with the increasing wind we decided to turn back and find a good place for a brew.

There are not many places to stop on the Loch although there were many little inlets that we didn't have the time to explore.

 Considering it was May it was quite cold and full winter kit was needed! Pulling up on the beach we were looking forward to a nice brew. However a certain someone forgot to put the gas in! Feeling a little sorry for ourselves we decided to turn out to sea to explore a little more before heading for home.

The views were stunning, made even more awesome by the snow capped mountains. Heading back towards Shieldaig we took a good look at the moored yacht that had arrived whilst we were away.
A well deserved brew and a nice meal in the Shieldaig Bar and Coastal kitchen topped off a great day. It is soon easy to shrug off the stresses of work when surrounded by sea and mountains!
With the final brew of the day it was time to get the map out to check on the planned route for the next day. Using the Mountainbike Scotland guidebook by Kenny Wilson we were looking forward to taking on Coire Mhic Nobuil.

Coire Mhic Nobuil

Leaving Shieldaig we drove around the Loch to park in a layby half way between the start and the end of the route. The route starts on the road until hitting the singltrack signposted for the Coire Mhuic Nobuil.

The singletrack is absolutely stunning and is enough to make you concentrate and test the legs. The views into the amphitheatre of mountains and then back to the Loch were mind blowing.

The route soon reaches a bridge crossing over the burn. Turning off what feels like the main path you continue following the burn to Lochan a Chaorainn. The trail soon deteriorates before carrying is needed. The book suggests you start to lose the will to live and when you think it can't get any worse it does! We would agree with this but the views do help you through what feels like a real trek with the bike.

As you reach Lochan a Choire Dubh the fantastic singletrack makes an appearance. Riding a flat trail with some technical bits, that make you think out of the Coire, soon gives way to an awesome descent. This totally made all the carrying worth while! With it's technicality and length we placed this among one of the best descents!

 Turning right on the road we descended back to the motorhome before packing up and heading for Aviemore to ride the Burma Road.
The Burma Road

The final adventure of the 3 days was to ride to the top of the Burma Road and descend the singletrack back to Aviemore. It was as simple as that! Staying at the High Range campsite we were on the doorstep for the ride. Heading for Lynwilg the Burma road is soon easy to find and the climbing starting steep soon becomes a very pleasant ride to the top with great views

At the top there is a cairn where the singletrack descent begins. Concentration is needed all the way down with many different lines that can be taken.

It did not take long before we were at the bottom, riding around Loch Alvie before heading back to Aviemore. The ride was just what was needed, a quick blast with great views. 

Back at the motorhome it was time to head home, discussing the 3 days and the fantastic views, trails and lochs that we had experienced. It was time to go back to work for a rest! 

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