High Street in Winter

It has been a strange winter with little snow fall to account for. On a weekend where we were blessed with the white stuff we decided to take a walk up high street.

 We started from the car park at Cow bridge. The view was fantastic from the start. The weather in the valley was not too bad but up on the fells it looked a little wild at times.

The walk takes us through Hartsop and following Hayeswater gill all the way to Hayeswater. We were in the middle of a winter reading photography competition hence the main photo for this post.

We soon were leaving Hayeswater behind. As it was late afternoon we did not see many on the fell. The snow was getting deeper as expected the higher we climbed. There just wasn't quite enough to get the skis out.

Once we were up on the Knott we were feeling the increase in the wind. The snow drifts were evidence of continued strong wind on the high street ridge.

The wind soon got so bad we were being blinded by the snow and could just about walk. We decided to turn back and descend the way we had come up. Our original plan was to descend Thornthwaite crag but that was not going to happen with the worsening weather.

Finding a snow drift and a big ditch

As we dropped out of the wind we decided to stop for a hot drink and a bar before braving the increasing wind to drop once again towards Hayeswater.

The lakes are a great place to walk at anytime of the year but in winter with noone around and snow on the ground it is simply magical!

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