Cardiff International Whitewater Part 2

It was soon time to meet our guide for the day and get kitted out for the afternoon session. Having received the biggest bruise on my backside I would recommend that everyone who tries this ensures that they have a wet suit on to give some protection! Once changed we headed for the bottom of the course to receive our crafts for the session.

Boat 1 K & H
Boat 2 Em and Jim

As we paddle a double sea kayak it wasn't long before we were feeling quite comfortable! We were given instruction to ferry glide on the bottom fall getting used to the moving water.

Getting used to the water
Looking like the pros Em and Jim

It was then time to really test out the rafts and our nerves. The good thing about being a team is that you trust each other impeccably and when a command to paddle comes, that is what H did with little thought about what might happen as I steered us into the bottom fall. All the action of course was caught on camera courtesy of Cym and Auntie Di!

H and K's hand and paddle!
The only person laughing after this was me (K)! There was an unamused H climbing back into the boat still wondering what had happened! To rub salt in the wound we were then instructed to go above the fall to practice our defensive swimming!! H is still adamant that no one mentioned swimming when she signed up for this!! Unfortunately when in a boat with someone who gets bored easily and likes pushing the boundaries this practice would be needed!

Confirming all good
H taking yet another mouthful

Em looking cool and relaxed!

The course builds up your confidence slowly with defensive swimming followed by a few runs on the bottom part of the course. This was completed with no reportable incidences! It was soon time to get exited about running the whole course!

The instructors unfortunately had to take one raft at a time which meant with 6 rafts we were waiting a long time at the bottom. However it was not too long before we were on the conveyor belt heading for the top.

The course felt very different in a two man raft compared to the kayak, it felt more intimidating. The first run down went fine with no real issues to report. On the second run we had to breakout on the middle fall as we nearly collided with a raft! This had much comedy value when H was wondering why we were now sat in an eddy facing upstream!

Meanwhile in the other raft Jim and Em were coping extremely well with not one swimming experience! The last run down saw us all following down the course. As it was the last run down I decided to spin the boat on the latter section of the course which resulted in us hitting an obstacle side on and flipping the raft. H was not amused that she was once again swimming! I however forgot to lift my backside on the bottom fall and received a nice bruise for my troubles!
JIm and Em

Once back in the raft it was time to get out and put the rafts away. This was a great experience and we would recommend it to everyone! We never stopped laughing from start to finish! The centre really is a great place even just to go and watch the different activities happening on the course. However be warned once you watch you will want a go!!

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