Sunset South Wales

Coming home to South Wales is always special. It comes from living in Cumbria away from your home and family. Although attached to Cumbria as a county nothing beats the feeling of driving past the sign 'Croeso i Gymru' to feel comforted that you are back where you belong! This September weekend was one to forget and remember.When family members die the experience is very different when 320miles away from the comfort of Wales and family!

We were home to comfort family for the loss of Bren on the Monday. Bren was H's auntie who had lived with H's parents for the past 30 years. She was the person who always knew the weather, football scores and what the neighbours were up to ! You could set your watch by her routine and if you tried to deviate her from this you were for it!!

The spectacular sunset was what was needed to comfort saddened hearts which were tested further when news of Gramps dieing filtered through that morning. What was going on ?

The beach was always a great place for reflection and it was a given that this would be the place to ask the usual questions about life and death and everything else that runs through your mind during desperate times. It was also a photographers dream when conditions were as they were.

It is always said that a sunset represents the end of something and this was certainly the case as we all came to terms with two family losses in a week. The lone surfer did not realise how useful he was in creating a set of pictures that would comfort us at such a sad time.

The view over to Porthcawl pier was outstanding and captured all the beauty that the South Wales coast has to offer. It was a time where you wanted time to stand still to ensure that every moment was savoured and remembered.

If you do believe that there is life after death then you would have thought that the sunset was planned by those who had gone for those who were left!

It is true what they say, you can take the girls out of Wales but you can't take the Wales out of the girls!

Dedicated to Bren and Gramps

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